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Ghostwriters International -  Professional Bio

Silk Road Consultants Ltd is registered in Hong Kong.

The professional writing business of Silk Road Consultants is known online as Ghostwriters International.

The directors of Silk Road Consultants are Rob & Bev Clement. They were both born in the UK and spent most of their lives in the UK. Both Rob & Bev were educated and spent most of their working lives in the UK. In 2004 they left UK to work in China, and now they reside in Hong Kong. However, English is the only language they speak.

Rob's degree is in Electrical Engineering, and he spent working life working in commercial IT. While working in commerical IT, Rob spent time writing documentation for all the programmes he wrote. This has given him an advantage when writing technical work for both ourselves and our clients.

Rob has a passion for research, and as one of our client said, "He hired the best researcher online." If you need indepth research then look no further because Rob will dig so deep, you'll wonder when he will stop.

Bev was an accountant, and part of her training role was to write basic HOW TO manual for both staff and clients.

Bev was commissioned by Harper Collins to ghost write a book for them. The author was a friend of Rob & Bev. Bev was able to see how a top publishing house worked, and is able to bring that knowledge to the work that Ghostwriters International produces.

After leaving accountancy, Bev decided to cross-train and completed a diploma in fitness and nutrition. Not only will you have a ghostwriter who can write in this niche, but one who is qualified in the UK. It was in the fitness niche, Bev first wrote online for one of the largest diet sites.

Rob & Bev have been writing online for a number of years and have vast experience. Not only have we written in the diet niche for clients, we have also written in a vast number of niches both online and offline.

We have also written for clients who needed a manuscript to publish their books offline.

Travel is something we love, having left the UK and living in the Far East, writing about travel is again a niche we have a lot of experience of.

Apart from writing, one of the strengths of Ghostwriters International is research. We can conduct the research that you and your company requires, which will enable you to get the results you are looking for.